Saturday, December 20, 2014

It Was All A Dream...

I finally got the condo overlooking the city that I dreamed of living in! Let this be a testimony that hard work, faith, and persistence really does pay off!

A Website is Mandatory for any Business

A website is mandatory for any business--at least one that wants to be taken seriously. Now I'm not going to lie and say they are cheap to be produced. However, there are other, more cost-effective alternatives. Sites like Wordpress and Wix offer free and affordable options to get your own site up and running.

If you're not technology savvy (like myself) I would invest in hiring a skilled person or team to design one. Shop around and don't settle on the first option. Always check the designer's portfolio and possible references if there are any.

More Inspirational Books I Highly Recommend! ;)

My Favorite Promotional Item...

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then bookmarks are authors. They are by far my favorite promotional item. Why you might ask? Because they are very affordable to get designed and printed up. With mine, I keep it pretty simple. Typically my book cover(s) is on the front, and the synopsis is printed on the back. I also make sure to have contact info located somewhere on it so that readers can find me. 

Several business offer both for reasonable prices. However, my favorite is Another printing site I love is Over the last few years I've come to find out just how helpful bookmarks can be. Not only are they great for slipping into conversations, you can also leave them in stores, libraries, etc. (with permission of course). Bookmarks are great for drawing visibility--especially if you have an eye-catching design. I highly recommend using a professional graphic designer!

Remember, no one's gonna push you like YOU! Branding is a key factor to success!