Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Books Are Exclusively Sold Through Amazon

I get a lot of emails and DMs asking me which platforms I use to publish my book. As of 2017, all 60 of my titles are sold exclusively through Amazon. I won't sit here and tell you that you should do the same, but I will say that this option works BEST for me! I enjoy the benefits that Kindle Direct Publishing offers, including their Kindle Unlimited program. Do your research before choosing a platform! There are many out there, but only one that reigns supreme--in my opinion! ;)

Promoting and Networking on Social Media is Vital

One of the main things I attribute to my success is networking on social media! I'm very active and responsive when it comes to my readers. I also have my own fan group, where I post regularly, create polls, and host contests, book discussions, and giveaways! Interacting with my readers has helped me better learn what they like, and how I can perfect my craft to fit their expectations. Being an independent author isn't just about writing. It involves networking, marketing, and studying your niche until you become a master at it!

Outlining Before Writing!

Personally, I enjoy outlining my books before typing up my manuscript. In the past, I used to handwrite my notes, but now I just use the Notes app on my Mac! It helps me create clear, concise plots that make writing all the more easier for me!