Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Transitioning into Film

The journey to becoming a legend has been tough. Filled with rocky roads, hardships and even a few moments where I felt like giving up. But I’m determined to climb that ladder of success. With over 70 published novels, I’ve pretty much dominated the urban fiction genre (not to toot my own horn lol). And I’m ready for the next level in my life — the big screen! 

Many don’t know this about me, but I majored in film and digital media as an undergrad in CSU, albeit I dropped out after 2 years. However, with the help of Final Draft and a few helpful YouTube videos, I’ve been able to reignite my love for screenwriting. So far, I’ve already completed the Cameron screenplay, and I am currently working on the script for He Fell from the Sky. I predict it’ll be done by the beginning of Spring. I have managed to get an industry member to download Cameron, but no phone calls from Netflix — yet! Fingers crossed! I’ll be journaling my entire journey, so stay tuned!

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